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How to Choose Perfect Bed Sheets for Your Bedroom?

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A number of times when we go shopping for home furnishings we end up selecting a wrong one and regret our purchase later on. There is nothing wrong with your choices, what you just need is bit of interior tips. Often, when you would visit your friends or relatives house, you would notice how they have just blindly covered their bed with a mismatch set of bed linens which lack symmetry and coordination with its room interiors.

They may just have hacked the sheet for the sake of it or maybe they don’t know the specifications or criteria’s that determine the selection of bed sheets. Buy bed sheets online at Swayam which present you a collection that embody diverse bedding assembles.


Let’s enlighten you with certain tips that would help you choose a perfect bed sheet for your bed.

  1. Size – Bed sheets can either make or break the overlook of the room. Too big a size will give an extremely coarse and chaotic presence whereas a small one would never fit in or give a proper shape. Pick a right size for crisp and fine look, what you need to do is just measure the length and breathe of the bed.
  2. Drop – Measure the length of the mattress and protector so you know how much drop you have given for bed sheet if you plan to give a fuller and luxurious look.
  3. Texture & Patterns – Invest in quality fabrics that give a soothing feel and look. Cotton is most preferred for its natural fibers and luxurious fine look. Geometric, speckles, stripes, motifs, vectors and floral would blend in any interior theme. Create a striking visual impact in contrast look with ethnic pattern double bed sheets.
  4. Colors – Pattern ink in solid colors in shades of red, yellow, green and blue would help you present a lively and vivacious look to your room. The natural shades like white, silver, beige, browns present a classy, sophisticated and regal vibe to your ambiance.
  5. Readymade – Opt for readymade ones. They are properly tailored in bulk with help of in-house latest technology machines to give a flawless look. Artisan further give them an appropriate shape, size, color and print which otherwise may not be possible with customized set as they may comprise with quality with fabric if manufactured as single entity.
  6. Accessorize – Enhance the beauty of your bed sheets with matching cushions, pillows and comforters.
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